Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sunday, as I dropped my youngest three children off and camp and walked back down the roadway to my vehicle, I started thinking and realized this two weeks is the longest period of time in over 28 years I will be completely without children in my household. Or so I thought until Monday night. On my way out the door in them a.m. I looked at the 2/3 of an apple pie sitting on the table and thought- I really don't want Robert eating all of that with his diabities. I can't eat it due to a wheat allergy. When I got home I saw the glass pie dish sitting on the floor next to the dogs' dishes. I thought "o.k., guess he (Robert) decided to share." Later as we ate, he informed me he had come home to find the pie plate where it presently sat. Our dog Tasha (Husky/Shepard mix) took it in her mouth as she has other dishes and neatly sat it down where she and Boomer could enjoy it. I guess I don't have to worry about Robert's blood sugars with that pie!

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