Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today I began again doing volunteer driving for an agency that caters to several populations of individuals needing rides to Dr. appts and such. With my first 3 rides completed, it came back to me quickly why I love doing this. Not only does it get me out in the real world, I get to meet many interesting people along the way as I learn to drive around my surrounding area to spots I didn't know existed. The difficult part is that it cuts down on my time crocheting items for craft fairs. I do bring things with me though for the times I have to wait for someone. I hope all that read this have a blessed day and stay warm. Here with the wind chill factor it is definately cold. My husband and his father are putting dormers on the front of our new house. It is looking good, but I feel bad for them being out in the weather. The good news is that there is no snow today. I pray it holds off for a bit longer (until the roof is complete).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who would have thunk it......

Having done several craft fairs this year, sales have been extremely slow, so this past weekend I expected more of the same. Who would have thought that a craft fair at a nursing home would have out done all the others. I came out of there excited. I was able to buy my boys boots for the winter. Hooray!!! I am still on a high over this one. Isn't amazing what can bring happiness? Having grown up not having proper winter wear often, I strive to make sure my children have plenty. I came home and checked my e-mail that day and I had also made a sale on Etsy! And to make life even better I received change back when I filled my tank with gas!!!!! Talk about exciting :) My weekend ended with my first pieces of venison for the season. Ahhhhhhh!
Today I will be finishing off at least 3 dozen more hanging towels. I am down to 1/4 of a tote. I started with it over flowing. I have two hats to finish and a zillon other projects I want to do. Have a blessed day where ever you are and with what ever you are doing. Remember, "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto thee." (Matthew 17:20) That verse has kept me going for many years (since I was about 9 y.o., when I learned it)
Back to work for me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I now lay claim to

tagging my first deer. A doe weighing 100 lbs. I hate the idea of killing such a beautiful animal, but right now- like with many people- I am trying to provide for my family and economize where ever possible. My 11 y.o. (Isaiah) and I named her Thelma and thanked her for the meat she will provide our family. If he gets a doe (he has an any deer permit) he says he will name it Louise. If it is a buck it will be either little Ben or Big Ben, depending on size. I truly am grateful for this meat and hope the other two tags in our household will be filled for the same reason. I am not beyond dented cans and store brands in order to save. These are tough times and I suspect they are going to get considerably worse before we see an upside. So I continue to think what I do have and remind myself to be grateful. Presently for my creative side I am working on two bags. One has a blue base and the other is red and black. I needed a break from hats and mittens.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

O.K., so I am sitting in the woods

under a stand of pines, with my 11 y.o. son near by, a rifle across my lap, scaning for deer. This is my third time going hunting and my son's first. A drizzling rain falls all around us. We are bundled up and a little damp, but fine. So besides sitting and scanning, What am I doing? Crocheting of course! I carried the scan of yarn in my pack, the hook and child sissors in my shirt pocket, and crocheted until the yarn ran out. Why not? No deer were coming by. They were smart enough to stay out of the rain, unlike us humans that were out there. My sister-in-law had asked me before we went out if I would be able to sit long enough to hunt. What she didn't realize is- I brought Suduko with me last year..... and now I have it on my cell phone and I played it after I ran out of yarn. So that is my hunting story and I am sticking to it. Stay tuned. Who knows what I may do next.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Another day in the life of..... I have 5 or 6 more hats to photograph and list on my etsy site. I need to be knitting more child size mittens. Time to commit to this once I get two more children's hats made. Other than that it will be a day to chill with Benny and Boomer until it is time to head to the in-laws and an Eastern Star meeting tonight with my Husband. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


For another month the mortgage is paid and we will be getting 70 gallons of heating fuel tomorrow to keep us warm a bit longer. As was said, We may not always get what we want, but we often get what we need. I am greatful for that. Sure, sometimes I would like a bit more. I have worked hard much of my life, but life is as it is and not always fair or just. So I focus on what I do have and try not to dwell on what I don't. I have a hard working husband trying to build us a better home and 3 boys still at home that are doing well in school. We have a roof over our head, food in our stomachs and clothes that we need. As I said, I am blessed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day!

Today will be a busy day for many. I will be going to vote when my husband returns home. This will be the first election I am voting in this community. All I pray is that God will guide my hand and decisions as I mark my ballot!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Change....

Prior to the time change early Sunday morning I was waking up at 5 a.m. This morning it was before 4:30. Since then I have restructured my web site, read blogs I am following, checked my e-mail, finished my daughter's second mitten which goes with the scarf and hat I made her to match her new jacket, and drank the first of my cups of coffee. Next on the agenda is getting dressed, starting the creating of the hat which was custom ordered at my last craft fair (and paid for), taking pictures of two hats I made this weekend while with my daughter and posting them for sale on my etsy site (and flickr), and going grocery shopping (yuch!! I hate using the gas and knowing that what I have for money won't buy much). Along with watching Benny (the little boy I provide childcare for) I think this is a full day! I set weekly goals as well. Finish the preordered hat, make more knitted mittens, and more of the visored caps my daughter got me making are on the list. Now I just have to set the numbers. Do you set quantitative goals? Don't forget to set completion dates as well. This is important. Sharing them with at least one other person will help you be committed to your goals as well. Until next time.