Saturday, November 8, 2008

O.K., so I am sitting in the woods

under a stand of pines, with my 11 y.o. son near by, a rifle across my lap, scaning for deer. This is my third time going hunting and my son's first. A drizzling rain falls all around us. We are bundled up and a little damp, but fine. So besides sitting and scanning, What am I doing? Crocheting of course! I carried the scan of yarn in my pack, the hook and child sissors in my shirt pocket, and crocheted until the yarn ran out. Why not? No deer were coming by. They were smart enough to stay out of the rain, unlike us humans that were out there. My sister-in-law had asked me before we went out if I would be able to sit long enough to hunt. What she didn't realize is- I brought Suduko with me last year..... and now I have it on my cell phone and I played it after I ran out of yarn. So that is my hunting story and I am sticking to it. Stay tuned. Who knows what I may do next.

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