Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Change....

Prior to the time change early Sunday morning I was waking up at 5 a.m. This morning it was before 4:30. Since then I have restructured my web site, read blogs I am following, checked my e-mail, finished my daughter's second mitten which goes with the scarf and hat I made her to match her new jacket, and drank the first of my cups of coffee. Next on the agenda is getting dressed, starting the creating of the hat which was custom ordered at my last craft fair (and paid for), taking pictures of two hats I made this weekend while with my daughter and posting them for sale on my etsy site (and flickr), and going grocery shopping (yuch!! I hate using the gas and knowing that what I have for money won't buy much). Along with watching Benny (the little boy I provide childcare for) I think this is a full day! I set weekly goals as well. Finish the preordered hat, make more knitted mittens, and more of the visored caps my daughter got me making are on the list. Now I just have to set the numbers. Do you set quantitative goals? Don't forget to set completion dates as well. This is important. Sharing them with at least one other person will help you be committed to your goals as well. Until next time.

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