Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I now lay claim to

tagging my first deer. A doe weighing 100 lbs. I hate the idea of killing such a beautiful animal, but right now- like with many people- I am trying to provide for my family and economize where ever possible. My 11 y.o. (Isaiah) and I named her Thelma and thanked her for the meat she will provide our family. If he gets a doe (he has an any deer permit) he says he will name it Louise. If it is a buck it will be either little Ben or Big Ben, depending on size. I truly am grateful for this meat and hope the other two tags in our household will be filled for the same reason. I am not beyond dented cans and store brands in order to save. These are tough times and I suspect they are going to get considerably worse before we see an upside. So I continue to think what I do have and remind myself to be grateful. Presently for my creative side I am working on two bags. One has a blue base and the other is red and black. I needed a break from hats and mittens.

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